Customized Language Instruction Programs for Corporate Clients

Corporations, not-for-profits, and government agencies
hire Langopoly® for customized Spanish language instruction programs.

Features of Our Programs

  • Instruction. We want you to speak Spanish, and speak it well. That’s why our language instruction methodology involves an interactive classroom environment. You will receive a foundation in the grammatical structure of the Spanish language, industry specific vocabulary and training, and a skill-set to help you continue to learn on your own.
  • Schedule. The schedule is up to you. Choose from weekly, twice weekly, or multiple sessions per week to accelerate the speed of your learning.
  • Location.  We offer programs at your location, at our locations, in public venues, and online. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Benefits of Our Programs

  • Increased profitability. How is that possible, you ask? Your employees or membership develop an ability to communicate with an increasingly diverse and global population, thereby improving your organization's operation and positioning you to grow your market share, revenues, and profits.
  • Broadened communication skills. Participants benefit by not only developing their communication skills for formal, professional settings but also for more informal settings, which, by the way, is where relationships are most often formed.
  • Improved public relations image. Your company, association, or organization's membership benefit from a positive public relations image as a result of this proactive -- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) step -- to embrace cross-cultural communication and diversity both within and outside your organization.

Getting started with Langopoly® is quick and easy. Tell us your learning goals, or perhaps even your pain points. We’ll take it from there.

Examples of our services in action

Whatever the assignment -- be-it training employees to communicate in Spanish with local or international clients, supporting customer service efforts, or enhancing your company’s employee training programs -- Langopoly® is the language service partner for business and government leaders.

Management consultants know that the secret to a project’s success is not simply the technical expertise provided to a client. Rather, it is the ability of the consultant to build relationships with clients, who so often represent diverse backgrounds and approaches to doing business. Langopoly® Spanish language services provides an essential link to the management consulting equation.

The customer base of financial service providers is located worldwide. Corporate bankers, asset managers, private equity investors, and investment bankers need, at a minimum, a basic level of understanding of the language and culture of their Spanish speaking customers. Langopoly® knows and appreciates this communication issue. We create innovative language solutions to equip financial service professionals with the confidence needed to serve Spanish speaking customers whenever or wherever a business opportunity arises.

If it is a need for small group training or one-to-one “survival” Spanish, Langopoly® provides the Spanish language know-how required to meet the time-sensitive and confidential needs of legal professionals.

The ability to understand a patient’s language and culture is critical to providing wholistic and effective health care. Langopoly® provides a bridge to the challenges medical professionals face in the health care industry.

First and last impressions are important, especially in the travel and entertainment (T&E) industry. Langopoly® offers T&E professionals in the restaurant, hotel and general hospitality industries with the type of Spanish language and cultural awareness needed to develop and maintain a loyal employee and customer base.

The public policy issues associated with addressing the multilingual and multicultural learning needs of students, as well as equipping the teachers who train them, is all the more challenging in public and private schools. The resources and capabilities of Langopoly® enables our company to fill the communication gaps that exists in today’s classrooms.


Three elements comprise the Langopoly® language learning experience:

1. Fun and Effective
Langopoly® recruits talented language instructors to deliver the services of our company. Our instructors are not only technically competent in the Spanish language, but they also possess a passion for teaching and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. This helps to ensure that our clients receive fun and effective Spanish language instruction.

2. Real World language Skills
Langopoly® language instruction places an emphasis on the conversational use of the Spanish language. Our curriculum is shaped by foundational language skills and the participants' interests and learning objectives.

3. Personalized Classes
Langopoly® language instruction is generally structured in a group setting. (This does not apply to our private one-to-one language instruction services.) The deliberately small size of the Langopoly® language learning group lends itself to a personalized learning experience.

A Langopoly® senior language instructor leads our corporate group language instruction programs and private instruction engagements.

A diversity of backgrounds is what makes our Spanish language instructors so unique and distinctive. Typically, they are either native or near-native speakers. Many of them hold either a Master's or Doctoral degree in the Spanish language. We recruit instructors from leading colleges and universities. Our instructors have traveled the world or, by virtue of their country of origin, our instructors are able to share their personal cross-cultural experiences with our clients. A common denominator that rests with all our instructors includes a high degree of energy, an excitement for teaching, and a shared value for serving customers.

This is not an easy question to answer. A lot of language learning depends on the effort that you, the student, put into using the language. We design our programs to give you a solid foundation to speak the Spanish language in your everyday life. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to continue learning the Spanish language on your own.