Now that I’ve read through this entire website, how exactly do you pronounce Langopoly™ ?

It’s quite easy, really, but just for clarification it’s Lang-ah-po-ly.

How would you describe the Langopoly™ language learning experience?

Three elements comprise the Langopoly™ language learning experience:

1. Personalized Classes

Langopoly™ language instruction is generally structured in a group setting. (This does not apply to our private language instruction services.) The deliberately small size of the Langopoly™ learning group lends itself to a personalized learning experience and allows group members to interact and learn from each other.

2. Fun and Effective

Langopoly™ recruits talented language instructors to deliver the services of our company. Our instructors are not only technically competent in the language, but also they possess a passion for teaching and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. This helps to ensure that our clients learn the language in a fast and effective manner.

3. Real World language Skills

Langopoly™ language instruction places an emphasis on the conversational use of a language. The curriculum is customarily shaped by the participants' interest and learning objectives.

Who leads Langopoly™ language programs?

A Langopoly™ language instructor leads our group programs and private instruction engagements.

What is the background of the instructors?

The diversity of backgrounds is what makes our instructors so unique and distinctive. Typically, they are either native or near-native speakers. A vast majority of them hold either a Master or Ph.D. degree in the language. We recruit instructors from leading colleges and universities, as well as both private and public secondary schools. Our instructors typically have traveled the world or, by virtue of their country of origin, are able to share their personal cross-cultural experience with participants. A common denominator that rests in all our instructors include: high energy, an excitement for teaching, and a shared value of serving our customers.

How many language classes does an adult need to take in order to be conversational?

This is not an easy question to answer. A lot of language learning depends on the effort you put into using the language. We design our programs to give you a solid foundation to speak the language in your everyday life.

What if I want to register for an adult Conversations™ language class but I need help with assessing my language proficiency for a course?

Please e-mail us at info@langopoly.com. A member of our staff will follow-up with you to help with placement.

What is the philosophy at Langopoly™ on language study for children?

Here is our common belief: Children are naturally curious and consequently are able to quickly learn and retain a second language. Children who gain some familiarity with a second language find it easier to continue learning the language later in life. Children who are exposed to multiple languages are said to perform better on standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. These points alone are sound arguments to support "foreign" language study for children. Still, there are other considerations to encourage parents and academic administrators to expose children to the language and culture of others.

If we consider the world children live in today and will certainly encounter in the very near future, we find a community marked by rapid change and linkages among people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Changing world demographics, boundless global telecommunications, and booming worldwide travel are only a few factors shaping the social landscape of our world. With this dynamic as a backdrop, it is all the more important for our young adults of tomorrow to communicate in a second or third language.

The benefits of broadening one's language skills are tremendous and serve to open many doors -- today and tomorrow, at home and abroad, professionally and personally.

What is involved in a typical program session for children?

Activity based learning that may include: songs, puppetry, games, art projects, and writing assignments as may be appropriate.

Where does the name Langopoly™ come from?

We created it. We love how the sound of Langopoly™ rolls around in your mouth.

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