Pequeño Learners Program

Children’s Group Instruction

Just when you thought it couldn’t be more fun… Introducing the Pequeño Learners Group Instruction Program. It’s an exciting way for children to learn Spanish in small playgroups. Whether it’s singing a song in Spanish or having a chat with Lucia the puppet, children will have fun developing their listening, comprehension, and speaking skills in Spanish.

What are the objectives of the program?
  • To expose children to Spanish
  • To build speaking skills
  • To create fun and excitement about learning a language
  • To use the Spanish language in practical situations
Who is it for?
  • Level A: Children ages 1-3 participate with a parent. (30 minutes per week) For 3-year-olds, our staff may determine in a preliminary interview that a child may participate in the program without the presence of a parent, based upon the developmental stage of the child.
  • Level B: Children ages 4-5 participate without a parent. (45 minutes per week)
How is the program structured?

Children develop Spanish language proficiency by building their vocabulary and, to the extent possible, manipulating that vocabulary to form simple sentences. The emphasis of the program is to build comprehension through both listening and speaking. Writing is not emphasized for children at this age, since they may be just beginning to write in their native language. In addition, the process of language acquisition most naturally mimics a path of listening and comprehension before speaking and writing.

What is involved in a typical program session?

Our activity-based learning program includes songs, puppetry, games, and art projects.

What is the duration of the program?

Our four-week sessions take place during winter, spring, summer, and fall.

How much Spanish is spoken in the class?

Our program is a full language immersion experience.

What is the cost?

Parents or guardians pay the following for our once-a-week program:

Monthly Snapshot

Age Weeks Duration Fee
Level A:
Parent and Child
1-3 4 30 minutes / week $80/month
Level B: Child 3-5 4 45 minutes / week $140/month

If a family joins the program at a midway point during the month, we prorate the monthly fee.