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The Conversations™ Language Program

Did you know that there are more Spanish speakers in the world than those who speak English? With the growing Hispanic population in the United States, Spanish will continue to be the second most commonly spoken language in our country.

Langopoly™ is the answer for your private language instruction needs.

Just imagine…

  • Accelerating your career growth by learning a second language
  • Enhancing your vacation or business travel by learning to speak the basics, like how to get a taxi or order from the dinner menu
  • Rediscovering the world by communicating with people from many cultures
  • Growing your business by expanding the scope and scale of your customer base

When you engage our private language instruction services, you get:

  • A meticulous and well thought-out needs assessment
  • A custom designed training program
  • A professional language teacher

Customization and Personal Service. These are the cornerstones of our private language instruction. We look forward to serving you.

Price: starting at $60/hour

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