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The Conversations® Language Program

The Conversations® language program is designed to bring language instruction directly to you in a relaxed, social, and yes, conversational format. In fact, Conversations® is the perfect reason to get out of the house, meet new people, and enhance your professional and personal skills.

The Conversations® classes meet one day per week (and on some occasions multiple days per week) for roughly two hours. Each class is generally limited to a maximum of 15 people, giving you plenty of time to – you know – talk. Our language instructors, by definition, are energetic, creative, and technically competent in the language.

Who takes the Conversations® language classes?

  • Professionals in government agencies, management consulting,
    financial services, law, health care, travel & entertainment, and education
  • Business travelers
  • Vacation travelers
  • Leisure and general interest learners
  • Retirees

What are the levels for the Spanish Conversations® language program?

Spanish Conversations® Level 1

Spanish Conversations® Level 2

Spanish Conversations® Level 3

What is covered at each level?

Spanish Conversations® Level 1 - Participants focus on the present tense of verbs and the various grammatical forms of speaking in which the present tense is used. Topics covered: greetings, numbers, colors, days of the week, exchanging personal information, asking and answering simple questions, describing everyday activities, telling time, etc. For clarification sake, Spanish Conversations® Level 1 assumes no knowledge of the language, though we recognize that many people may have had some exposure to Spanish.

Spanish Conversations® Level 2 - Participants continue to work on the basic foundation of the language, but focus on events in the past tense. Topics covered: seasons, months, weather, family relationships, describing people and things, expressing likes and dislikes, expressing plans and intentions, etc.

Spanish Conversations® Level 3 - Participants quickly review the contents of the beginning levels 1 & 2, but then focus on conversational skills using the future and conditional tense. Topics covered: making commands, stating locations and describing feelings, describing actions in progress, counting to 100 and higher, naming the parts of the body, talking about what you have just finished doing, etc.

What is the cost of the Spanish Conversations® language program?

Price: $249 for an 8 week class. Online Early Bird Discount Available.

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