About Us

The Langopoly™ Story

The mission of Langopoly™ is to enhance cross-cultural communication and understanding through the services and character of our company.

We bridge language and culture.

What differentiates Langopoly™?

Our language professionals

We selectively recruit language instructors. Language professionals in our company typically have 3-5 years of relevant experience, are native or fluent Spanish speakers, have experience either living or working abroad, and have a demonstrated track record of achievement within their area of expertise.

Our problem-solving skills

Our approach is simple. We believe the success of most projects revolves around (1) critical analytical thinking, (2) meticulous planning, and (3) diligent execution. We do not compromise on these three steps.

Our programs

Unlike our competitors who offer rigid, "cookie-cutter" language programs and services, we distinguish ourselves by (1) understanding our client needs (2) assessing those needs, and (3) collaborating with our clients to determine the best course of action. Our flexibility and commitment to help our clients give Langopoly™ a competitive advantage over other language service companies.


Excellence in the delivery of our services.

Teamwork in developing the best solutions for our clients.

Persistence in the pursuit of our goals.

Integrity in the way we do businesses.

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